I first picked up a camera to document my travels after university. I knew I was never going to keep up with writing a blog but I wanted a way to capture all the amazing experiences and share them with my family when I got home. From the first click of the shutter I was hooked!

When I did return to the UK photography took a seat on the back burner as I pursued a career in childcare and education, first as a full time Nanny and then as Primary School Teacher for 5 years. I learned a lot about working with little people but deep down I new that what I really wanted to do was transfer those skills from the classroom to a more creative passion.

And so Georgia Gee Photography was born.

Meeting families, getting to know how they interact, chasing toddlers,  helping capture genuine memories that will be treasured for years to come... it's honestly the best job. 

When I'm not out with my camera you'll find me spending time with my hubby, walking our very soppy Labrador Luna somewhere around Yeovil or I'll be online shopping for my next pair of Doc Martens - they are my weakness!

Hi There Friend, 
I'm Georgia 

Spending time in the great outdoors

Hanging out with my four-legged friend

A few of my favourite things...

Making magical moments for my clients

 All things making baking and creating

real moments


gorgeous florals

A picture can paint a thousand words but I find it can also hold a million memories and the images you take today will one day be a window into the past. 

It's about more than just pretty pictures

For me,

 I  love photography

Life's way too short to miss out on capturing great pictures with your family.

You know that and that's why you're here, but there are still a few doubts in your mind about. The price? The outfits? The posing? What does a photoshoot actually involve?

That's where I come in, your photography fairy godmother! 

Every step of the process I am there to help support, advise and make the whole experience fun, easy and stress free

Your future self will thank you for the memories 

Want  to know how?

It's  true,

 Consultation Call & Simple Booking

Help Preparing for the Session

Playful Fun & Relaxed Sessions 

Gallery and Product Selection Support 

- After the session I will send you helpful recommendations on products other clients have purchased and loved. 

- All my products come with smart mock-ups so you can see exactly what your images will look like.

- All sessions last around 90 minutes and are full of fun games, cosy cuddles and memory making mischief. 

-Throughout the session I will give helpful posing prompts that feel natural and  effortless. No saying CHEESE, I promise!

- A free 15 minute consultation call to ask questions find out more and find out if I'm the photographer for you

- Simple Online Booking in 3 simple steps taking all the stress out of back and forth emails. 

- Once booked you will receive my personalised Prep Guide full of tips and info on the session and how to prepare

- You can also have a 1-1 styling consultation call where I can help you with outfit ideas and make recommendations.  

How I love to help my families

You deserve walls filled with images that you love!

More importantly, you deserve to be in those images!

Not the one always taking the picture.

Not the one hiding at the back, worried about what you look like.

And definitely not the one in a cold sweat trying to make your 2 year old sit still for the photo.

Does this sound like you?
Well  I can help.

Book NoW

Let's Capture Some Fun Filled Memories For Your Family


That should be on its way to your inbox right about now...