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Your journey to motherhood

As a Mummy-to-be, your body is changing, your family is growing and your journey to motherhood is well on its way.

You're beautiful, powerful and strong.

This incredible thing that your body is doing, growing new life, is an experience like no other and it deserves some recognition. 

So let's do it. Let's document and celebrate the magic of you, your body, your journey and your wonderful new adventure. 

'These are images I'm going to treasure always.
They make me feel so beautiful.'
                         - Raz

Your new adventure
deserves to be celebrated

Let's capture the glow

Maternity photography isn't so much about how you look as about how you feel.

Confident, capable and excited to meet your new baby!

As your photographer it's my job to help capture that for you with my camera, so that in years to come you have these incredible memories to look back on and enjoy forever. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to show your babies their amazing mummy.

Future you will thank you later!

Here's the thing, my Mums-to-be aren't looking for studio backdrops and lighting, they aren't interested in funky props and big fluffy gowns because that's not the real them.

The Mum's that I work with want to find the perfect natural setting where they can relax and be themselves. They love to kick off their shoes and walk barefoot in the sand or nestle down in the long-grass and feel the sun on their face.

My Mums get excited about seeing the results of that golden-hour glow backlighting their hair. They love those little emotive moments of genuine connection we create and they cherish the chance to celebrate their bodies.

If that sounds like a bit of you 

I want to help you to,
  • capture your journey to motherhood in an authentic way
  • enjoy the magic of your pregnancy for years to come
  • celebrate your inner goddess and let her shine

Hi, I'm Georgia 

Looking & Feeling your absolute best 

The best time to take maternity photos is when you're between 24 and 28 weeks. This is when your bump should be looking nice and round and will give you that gorgeous pregnant belly silhouette

This also means we'll get all of that radiant Mum-to-be glow and none of the swollen ankles and sore back that tends to come in that last month just before you get to meet your new baby.

Selecting dreamy photoshoot locations specifically for the ease and comfort of my Mums is something I take really seriously.

Nobody wants to be hiking up a hill when they're 8 months pregnant, no matter how great the view is from the top. For this reason I choose locations that have great parking, are easily accessible AND provide an amazing backdrop for your Maternity Session. 

I have a range of locations to choose from across Somerset but I'm flexible if you have in mind your own amazing location I haven't discovered yet.

Helping Mums feel and look their best is one of my absolute favourite parts of being a maternity photographer.

Before the session you'll receive a tailored Prep Guide full of tips and ideas on what to wear and how to get ready. You will also have full access to my Client Closet containing a range of beautiful flowing dresses to suit a natural, relaxed aesthetic.

During your session I'll help guide you to pose in positions that both show off your bump and flatter your shape. You'll never need to feel self conscious or awkward. 

Beautiful Locations across SOmerset

Timing it right

About  Maternity Photography

I'll be your personal cheerleader

Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I book my maternity photoshoot for?

When should I book my maternity photoshoot for?

There is a sweet spot between 24 and 28 weeks (7 to 8 months) where your baby bump is fully showing and really round. I would aim to book your session in at roughly this time so that you aren't leaving it later in the pregnancy when you might be feeling swollen and uncomfortable.

What should I wear to my maternity photoshoot?

What should I wear to my maternity photoshoot?

As soon as your booking it confirmed I will send you my Prep Guide full of clothing advice for your session including how to pick colours, what to avoid and ideas on where to purchase items. I also have a Client Closet with some dress options you can borrow for your session. Click here for more details.

Can my partner and kids be in the photo's too?

Can my partner and kids be in the photo's too?

Absolutely! My pricing system means that all my Family, Maternity and Children's Sessions are priced the same. Just let me know when booking who you'd like to be included in your shoot and we can tailor the location and the styling accordingly. 

Enjoy your favourite images from your gallery in a range of beautiful print products including bespoke framed wall art, albums, deckled prints and much more.

I take care to hand select each item in my online store to ensure that my clients receive only the highest quality printing and products.

All client purchases are quality assured and hand delivered by me to your door. 

You'll smile every time you See Them 

To keep things simple for my clients I charge the same for all sessions; families, children and maternity too.

That means that whether you want to book a session just for you, or you quite like the idea of your hubby joining you, there is no hidden additional costs

All sessions require a £95 booking fee (non refundable) to secure your date and time. Then only when you have seen all your final images do I ask clients to choose from three collections. Collections start at £220 and contain both high resolution digital images and print credit to be used in my online store.

Pricing and Products

Investing in Future Family Memories

Enjoying your images 

Client Love

"Georgia is amazing! She made us feel at ease as soon as we met her. She was brilliant with our two children and knew exactly where we should be to get a great photo. The end result was just fantastic and we are thrilled with every photo. Would 100% recommend Georgia."

Natalie Band

'She was brilliant with our two children'

We absolutely love our photos! Georgia was great at creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere- getting the children to sit and smile has always been tricky! But it ended up feeling more like a lovely play session at the beach rather than a formal photo shoot. Gee was very professional and we think the final results are fabulous!

Rachel Osborne

Client Love

'We think the final results are fabulous!'

Client Love

'A stunning mixture of photos from posed to 'in the moment.' Georgia made us all feel really comfortable, especially as we are not used to having our photos taken. She was incredibly patient and professional from start to finish. It has been a joy to look through them...too many choices to display!' 

Laura Bryant

'Georgia captured our family beautifully!' 

Client Love

"Our images are absolutely fantastic. We are  blown away and completely over the moon with our pictures. Georgia made it feel really fun with little games and the girls loved it."

Francesca Hatton

'We love every single one!'

The best is yet to come 

As everyone will tell you, now that your beautiful bouncing baby has arrived time will be moving in fast forward. 'Blink and you'll miss it' type speeds.

The milestones will be coming thick and fast; rolling over, teething, crawling, laughing. There will be those incredible firsts; first giggle, first steps, first word and of course the obligatory first exploding nappy (sorry but it's true).

And, in no time at all, there will be those important lasts; last night feed, last midwife visit, last dummy, last time sleeping in the cot.

I love to help families capture those all important childhood memories from newborn through to first birthdays and beyond.

Bump to Baby and Beyond

NewBorn & Children

Together, let's capture your families story and create timeless memories that will have you smiling every time you see them.

Simply follow the link below, fill in your details, choose a time to chat and we can begin to plan your session.

Let's do it.

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I'm Ready

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In the mean time why not head to my blog to find out all the behind the scenes info including how to choose the best location, what to wear to you session and much more.

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